October 18, 2008

Shocking Announcement: Prominent Black To Endorse Prominent Black for President

Well, color us surprised. It has, dear reader, been quite a campaign season, chock-a-block with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns.

For instance, Mike Gravel (D-Insane Asylum) didn’t win his party’s nomination. Neither, alas, did Dennis Kucinich (D-Vegan), whose elfin good looks virtually assured him an impressive victory.

And now, as if these previous eventualities were insufficiently amazing, we hear word that Gen. Colon Powell (ret.) may endorse Barack Obama for president of these here United States.

Oh, we simply can’t wait until Gen. Powell shows up on “Meet the Press” with Tim Russert manqué. We’ll say it again: Color us surprised.

We mean, come on: How much bigger a news story can you get? This is Colin Powell, for crying out loud. Not John Kerry, Howard Dean, or some other manifest failure.

It’s not as if we’re talking about some fellow who, despite his affiliation with the Republican Party, has a history of conflict and disagreement with the Bush administration, which he left in a huff. As we all know, Gen. Powell was a big believer in the liberation of Iraq, who had nary a qualm with the removal of Saddam Hussein.

Geeze: No wonder MSNBC has taken a break from broadcasting one of its sundry infomercials for Barack Obama to whip up excitement for Gen. Powell’s guest spot tomorrow. Surely it’s just a coincidence that the former Secretary of State will deliver his pro-Obama hosannas on MSNBC’s parent network.

Boy, oh, boy—this is sure going to sink the McCain campaign. We’d like to think that Sen. Obama is already picking out drapes for the oval office. And hopefully Sen. Biden has begun to track down the closest 7-11 to the White House, so that he can order some Indian food for his long days on the job.

After all, if this ain’t a nail in the coffin, what is? Colin Powell is poised to endorse Barack Obama. And, try as we might, we can’t think of any reason why Gen. Powell, a prominent supporter of affirmative action, would do such a thing. Absolutely nothing comes to mind.

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