March 31, 2004

Introducing The Hatemonger's Quarterly Welcome,

Introducing The Hatemonger's Quarterly

Welcome, dear reader, to "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," a new "blog" dedicated to offering mordant wit and caustic commentary on all and sundry. The twentieth century witnessed the publication of a handful of so-called "little magazines" that helped change the face of American culture: The Criterion, The American Mercury, Partisan Review, Commentary, Dissent, Salmagundi, &c. We here at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly" hope to extend this grand tradition of probing intellectual inquiry to the so-called "blogosphere."

And fear not, dear reader! Our crack staff at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," as our name implies, will not shy away from the turgid swamp that is today's political morass. A staunch defender of the traditions of high culture, "The Hatemonger's Quarterly" shall be dedicated to the trouncing of this age's pseudo-prophets, who blindly champion the most aesthetically nugatory, the most sordidly unworthy of today's intellectual detritus.

In the posts that will follow, you will be treated to cant-free discussions of political matters, lucubrations on the latest intellectual trends, and essays on any number of topics. From Martin Amis to Slavoj Zizek, "The Hatemonger's Quarterly" will expatiate on a great variety of important figures, bestowing praise or opprobrium as it sees fit. We hope that you will enjoy our take-no-prisoners style. After all, in a world replete with shallow heraldings of new-age healing, we could all stand to see some feathers ruffled. So, to continue with our animal theme, let the fur fly!

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