October 13, 2006

A Curveball for the Left

It’s going to be a vexing day for our leftist friends. A little thing we like to call evidence just smacked them in the face. It’s not, to be sure, a life-altering fact, but it’ll rankle nonetheless.

Allow us to set the scene. A few weeks ago, our “netroots” pals were up in arms about Chris Wallace’s supposed “conservative hit job” on ex-President Bill Clinton. To the Nation-reading, Kos-surfing, granola-eating, Volvo-driving, Jon Stewart-loving left-wing nitwits, Mr. Wallace’s Fox News interview with Bubba was proof positive that deranged wacko Eric Alterman has a point. That is to say, the media are horribly biased—in favor of the political Right.

Now, for anyone with even a passing familiarity with what is commonly called reality, this is beyond absurd. Alterman, an off-kilter Stalinoid kook, may think that The New York Times is a bastion of reactionaries, but that’s probably because he’s somewhere to the left of Pol Pot.

All the same, in the “netroots’” telling, the Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday fiasco was proof positive of the evils of the conservative American media. It was obvious, they thought, that the Rupert Murdoch puppet Mr. Wallace was merely a right-wing hack aiming to take down the former philanderer-in-chief.

Ah, but that was then. And this, as they say, is now.

Thanks to a stroll on Glenn Reynold’s famous “weblog”—which, we must add, has “linked” to this humble “site” in the past—we found an interesting tidbit in The Washington Post. As reporters Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts report, Chris Wallace—the doyen of arch-conservative hit-jobs—is himself a registered Democrat, and has been so for more than two full decades.

Surely this must send the leftist mind reeling. “Chris Wallace, a Democrat? It simply can’t be!”

To make matters worse, Chris Wallace also isn’t Jewish, so the Left won’t be able to blame him for that either. Man, they’re really running out of ammunition.

Just imagine all the difficult soul-searching that the Daily Cossacks will be compelled to engage in: Perhaps Mr. Wallace isn’t a part of the insidious and omnipresent “right-wing conspiracy.” Maybe he just—gulp!—asked Bill Clinton one tough question?

Luckily for them, our pals on the Left do have one way to avoid the painful and vertiginous process of self-criticism: They could just ignore the story altogether. Frankly, when you’re a Leftist, you’re pretty good at disregarding evidence. How else do you wind up rosy views about Jimmy Carter?

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