November 20, 2007

Sharing a Moment with the “Reality-Based Community”

As even The New York Times and its less deranged cousin, The Washington Post, have reported of late, the “surge” in Iraq has thus far proved a remarkable success. Deaths in Iraq are down dramatically; attacks are down; areas previously disastrous are in far better shape.

It appears as if the efforts of American and allied troops, led by a general whose name we forget but which rhymes with “Betray Us,” have been rather effective. The Iraq War, previously the albatross of the Republican Party, may not be such a dreaded issue for conservative hopefuls in the upcoming presidential election.

And how has this affected our friends on the political Left? Well, it appears as if not much has altered the worldview of those who sanctimoniously deem themselves members of the “reality-based community.” Reality, it seems, isn’t very, for lack of a better word, real.

For one thing, the Democratic presidential hopefuls appear to be engaged in endless one-upsmanship over the supposed horrors of the Iraq War. “My opponent hates the Iraq War, whereas I really hate it,” says one left-wing candidate or other. Seldom do these professional panderers make nods to the situation on the ground, other than to kick up a fuss about how quickly they’d remove the troops—and to chastise Hillary Clinton for making delicate nods toward reality.

Nope: It seems as if our Democratic hopefuls, despite their dangerously expensive haircuts, are busy doing their best Jack Murtha impressions.

And the Angry Left? How are they managing? Well, gee: We’re glad you asked.

Naturally, these beacons of “social justice” are committed to the same anti-Iraq platform that animated their hemp T-Shirts from the get-go. If by “anti-Iraq platform” you mean freeing Mumia, destroying Israel, and fighting the purported evils of worldwide capitalism.

At capitulation rallies all across Blue America, one sees the same “Impeach Bush-Hitler,” “Love Your Fellow Man, Kill the Jews,” and “Give Islamofascism a Chance” placards. And, yes, they still warm our little hearts as much as before.

One wonders when such folks will bow to reality and recognize that their hated conflict isn’t such a disaster after all. Will they finally carry signs that read “No Mildly Successful War for Oil”?

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