January 22, 2007

Come On, Guys: They Have a Point

As we’ve noted before in this space, the “weblogging” faithful get enraged when a figure from the mainstream media notes the intemperateness of the “weblogosphere.” Whenever some fellow at, say, The Wall Street Journal dares to suggest that many “weblogs” are well nigh useless, one witnesses the same predictable reaction: Vehement responses filled with name-calling; angry denunciations; general havoc.

It’s kind of like the “webloggers’” version of the Danish cartoon fiasco. Well, without the storming of embassies and the wanton killing of people, we suppose. But, other than that, they’re very similar.

Now, as you may have noticed by now, we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” are nothing if not a passel of “webloggers” ourselves. Thanks to our deep-pocketed financial backers, we pen one “post” every weekday, in fact.

And yet we must admit that we have at least partial sympathy for the mainstream media types who fret about the “weblogosphere.” We know, we know: That makes you mad as heck. But before you contemplate inaugurating some sort of e-jihad against us, allow us to offer an example of what we mean.

A few days ago, we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” first stumbled upon what appears to be a fairly popular left-wing “weblog” run by someone who uses the nom de guerre Roger Ailes. Since this particular “weblogger” obviously employs the name of Fox News’ head honcho as his alias, we figured that he’d prove a humorous guy.

Ah, but no: Instead, his pathetic “website” is chock-a-block with nothing but lame name-calling and insipid cheap shots. It isn’t even mildly funny, and is entirely bereft of insightful commentary. In short, it’s mindless pabulum for scorching leftists.

For instance, “Roger Ailes” enjoys employing distinctly grade-school nomenclature for anyone who isn’t on the far Left: Thus we get “Joek Lein,” “Dickless D’Souza,” and other priceless examples of childishness. If a popular “weblogger” like “Roger Ailes” must refer to Jonah Goldberg as a “wide-load bigot,” shouldn’t one wonder about the level of discourse on Al Gore’s World-Wide Web?

We particularly savored this charming “post” from the “website”:

Today on Press The Meat, Pumpkinhead Russert repeated the slander that Joe Lieberman (Me-CT) is a Democrat.

Lieberman repeated the slander that anyone who opposes the escalation is a 9/11-terrorist-loving loser. Oh, and he's supporting the escalation for his children and his grandchilden, apparently because they're too busy to do it themselves.

Charming, is it not? America would surely be the poorer if we lost this responsible rhetoric.

And “Roger Ailes’” sensitive musing received the following response from one of his deeply intellectual readers:

Connecticut has sure foisted some pathetic pieces of human garbage on the rest of us, haven't they? Georgie Bush, Ann Coulter and this odd Hebrew Joe Lieberman. The Nutmeg state. Nutcase, more like. They are giving Texas a run for their money. Pechorin | 01.15.07 - 1:01 pm |

Joe Liebermann, the “odd Hebrew”: Very, very nice. What was that about Jonah Goldberg being a bigot again?

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