May 05, 2006

This Isn’t a Pajama Game Anymore

Some weeks ago, dear reader, we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” came up with what we considered a rather brilliant idea. As sentient beings, we naturally loathe Harry Connick Jr.’s music: his sappy crooning and also-ran-Sinatra schmaltz are detestable.

Accordingly, we thought up a way to halt Mr. Connick’s music career. As we announced in our regular Sunday Wizbang “post,” we aimed to start a Keep Harry Connick Jr. Acting Foundation. We figured that the more time this lamebrain spent on stage, the less time he’d have for the studio. In short, our idea would ensure that those with ears would win.

As we reported in this space, however, our idea was met with a fair amount of scorn. It seems as if many Wizbang readers have demotic taste in music, and they took great offense to our “post.” Apparently, in this country you are free to criticize the President, lambaste the Secretary of Defense, and ridicule the Supreme Court, but you better not lay a finger on horrible pseudo-jazz players. Go figure.

Well, a perusal of the April 27 number of The New York Times has informed us that those who criticized our Keep Harry Connick Jr. Acting Foundation may just get what they’re hoping for. In this installment of the Paper of Record (or 8-track), Campbell Robertson reports:

First, for fans of Harry Connick Jr….the bad news…

If you’re anything like us, dear reader, you simply delight in this phrase. There’s bad news for Harry Connick Jr. fans? That’s kind of like announcing bad news for Goebbels devotees.

But, alas, the piece doesn’t live up to its introduction:

the Roundabout Theater Company revival of “The Pajama Game” will end its limited run at the American Airlines Theater on June 17. Now, for fans of Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, who wrote the music and lyrics, the good news: after the show has a summer hiatus, Jeffrey Richards, James Fuld Jr. and Scott Landis will take the Roundabout production to Broadway again. “The Pajama Game,” slated for early fall at a theater to be announced, has not been cast. But the stars will not necessarily include Mr. Connick….

Okay, you detractors of our Keep Harry Connick Jr. Acting Foundation. The noxious crooner will soon end his stage gig, and we’ll bet he’ll be in the recording studio in a heartbeat, butchering a new set of classic tunes. This, we take it, is what you wanted.

So enjoy your beloved crap. And thanks for doing your part to destroy Western culture.

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