October 31, 2007

Dennis Kucinich, Armchair Psychologist

Oh, this simply has got to be one of our very favorite stories thus far from the 2008 presidential campaign. It may not be as delicious as the ongoing antics of the Mike Gravel candidacy, but it still packs a wallop.

As noted on a little “website” called the Drudge Report, Dennis Kucinich (D-The Nation magazine) questioned President Bush’s sanity in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer. More specifically, Rep. Kucinich reflected earnestly on the President’s mental health, given his pugnacious rhetoric on Iran’s potential acquisition of a nuclear weapon.

To the charmingly obtuse Rep. Kucinich, President Bush’s concern about Iran’s nuclear intentions are so inflammatory as to raise serious questions about the need to send him to a room with padded wallpaper.

And, as you might well imagine, dear reader, we think this is simply marvelous. What isn’t to love? After all, the fellow making mental health recommendations is Dennis Kucinich, the half-pint, elfin left-wing extremist who has a better shot of marrying a unicorn than becoming our next commander-in-chief.

We mean, come on: Dennis Kucinich is questioning anyone’s mental soundness? This is the fellow who thinks he has a reasonable shot of winning the Democratic primary, even though his numbers poll lower than Joe Biden’s, for crying out loud. Ivan Drago has a better chance of being elected, and he’s both Russian and a fictional character.

This is the guy, we hardly need remind you, who aims to establish a Secretary of Peace in his cabinet. Why not add a Secretary of Love, an Assistant Secretary of Veganism, and a Secretary of Unrealistic Leftism whilst you’re at it?

Further, for all his concern about President Bush’s supposed bellicose rhetoric vis-ŕ-vis the Iranian regime, he seems interestingly calm about Ahmadinejad’s blisteringly militaristic statements. For some reason, the US must speak of nothing but bunnies and rainbows, and Middle Eastern despots can wax anti-Semitic about the destruction of Israel and America.

So, take it easy, President Bush: Dennis Kucinich calling you nuts is about as good a sign of your clean bill of mental health as anyone can muster.

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