July 11, 2007

Impeach This

Like clockwork, dear reader, we make our quotidian perambulations round the left-wing “weblogosphere.” To be honest, it’s one of our very favorite times of the day: The Huffy Po; the Daily Kos; Atrios. It’s a veritable sick bag of lefty opinion; what’s not to love?

Given our predilection for poking our noses in the world of so-called “moonbattery,” it should come as no surprise that we’ve taken in our fair share of blathering on about impeaching President Bush. In fact, if we recall correctly, Cindy Sheehan has recently made headlines by asserting she’ll run against Nancy Pelosi if the Speaker refuses to instigate impeachment proceedings.

(Didn’t Ms. Sheehan histrionically announce her official retirement from matters political? Gee, her moral authority may be absolute, but her knowledge of when to exit the stage seems to leave a lot to be desired.)

Naturally, like all sensible people, we think the bleating about impeachment is completely foolish. There exist, we must say, plenty of reasons why lots of Americans would despise George W. Bush’s policies. Although he ran as a moderate in 2000, he has become a firebrand, making a number of extremely controversial decisions. Perhaps this was inevitable after 9/11, but it’s true all the same.

Still, our impeachment-crazy lefty friends appear not to understand the definition of the word “impeachment.” They appear to think it means “forcing a president from office because you strongly disagree with his performance.” This is about as foolish as it gets; anyone who fails to see how this moronic view of impeachment could wind up biting lefties on the behind is officially lacking in the intelligence department.

Sure, sure, sure: Our lefty pals will say that George W. Bush deserves to be successfully impeached because he supposedly “lied the country into war.” But this, of course, is a highly dubious and partisan proposition. They would also add that he has destroyed civil liberties in this country, or some such. Yet this is equally tendentious muckraking.

Obviously, it all boils down to this: Our left-wing friends want to oust George W. Bush through impeachment proceedings because they strongly disagree with him. And this is, not to put too fine a point on it, stupid.

We, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” strongly disagreed with the policies of Jimmy Carter. We think he was a disastrously bad president. His foreign policy was horrid and he bestowed upon us the evils of “stagflation.” But we wouldn’t support impeaching him on the basis of our political disagreements.

It’s funny how people who claim to care so much about the Bush administration’s supposed assault on the proper functioning of our representative democracy seem to care so little about ensuring the proper functioning of our representative democracy.

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