March 13, 2007

Bush Derangement Syndrome: Case Number 368,902

As we have oft noted in this space, one of the guilty pleasures of the crack young staff is reading The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington’s self-paean to political fatuousness. We know, we know: You’re unlikely to get ahead in life by reading such piffle. Still, at times we find it downright hilarious—albeit unintentionally hilarious.

Here’s a wonderful case in point. Bill Maher, a left-wing version of Ann Coulter with a mullet, penned a short self-exonerating piece on the ole’ Huffy Po called “What I Didn’t Say.” As an example of unreflective spin, it’s unremarkable boilerplate.

Yet this teeny “post” encouraged a great amount of left-wing vitriol in the comments section. It appears as if many of our radical pals dislike Bill Maher being chided for suggesting that Dick Cheney should die. Go figure.

And here, dear reader, is our favorite loopy comment, composed by the tellingly named “BUSHLICKER07”:

Free Speech? Bill, since this idiot became President 6 years ago, the "Free Speech" we held so dearly has almost totally disappeared. Between Bush, Cheney,Gonzalez and the Supreme Court, we are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution. Look at this site for crying out loud! It shut down the Cheney has Clot site before anyone could comment. Yes, people hate this man. What is his favorable now 15%? But why has it come to this? Why are we so afraid of these right wing dictators?

By: BUSHLICKER07 on March 05, 2007 at 05:09pm

Ah, yes: It’s the venerable “America Under Bush Is a Police State” tirade. How often does that appear in the left-wing “weblogosphere”? For some reason, dear reader, we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” never tire of reading examples of this classic.

We mean, come on: Free speech “has almost totally disappeared”? What country do you suppose this self-described Bush-Licker inhabits? Certainly not that charming South American country currently run by Hugo Chavez. To our pals on the Left, Chavez’s malignant anti-free press machinations are just hunky dory. So dear Hugo shut down opposition newspapers and television networks—what’s so bad about that? Hey, at least he’s opposed to George W. Bush.

That’s why deranged lunatics like this Bush-Licker constantly prattle on about the Bush administration as a collection of “right-wing dictators.” When they see real dictators—Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, et al.—they fall in love.

Frankly, dear reader, we would love it if this hard Left conspiracy-mongering bit the dust—or at least largely subsided. We think it’s poisonous that so many committed political junkies think this way.

When you’re angry because the political mainstream argues that it’s in bad taste to pray for the Vice President’s death, you’re officially crazy. Let’s hope we see very little of this nonsense from either side of the aisle in the months to come.

It’s not bloody likely, but we can have our dreams, can’t we?

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