January 26, 2007

People’s Weakly World

Okay: Here’s a fun game for you. We’ll supply you with a quotation about the Duke lacrosse non-rape case, and you guess when the story from which it was culled was written. Sounds like a blast, eh? Here’s the bit:

North Carolina Central law professor Irving Joyner, who will monitor the proceedings for the state NAACP, said that under [DA Mike] Nifong the prosecution “has tightened up its case” against the three players.

So, that’s the piece of an article; all you have to do is tell us when it was written. Last April? Last May? 1902?

Ah, no: The quote comes from a short article in the January 13-19, 2007 number of People’s Weekly World, a freebee Communist rag sullying a pseudo-revolutionary bookstore near you. Yeah, you read that right: January of 2007.

It’s absolutely amazing, and goes to show how stupid are our pals on the far Left. Naturally, the whole world knows by now that it is far more likely that Mike Nifong will wind up in prison than will the three young indicted chaps from the Duke lacrosse team. Far from “tightening up his case,” Mr. Nifong has seen absolutely everything unravel.

Yet to the ideological stooges at the People’s Weekly World, white college athletes simply must be guilty of raping a black stripper. The world just won’t make sense to them if this case doesn’t prove true.

Hence you find bits from their inept coverage of the case like the following:

Supporters of the indicted students, who want all charges dropped, launched a virulent racist attack against the local African American newspaper [sic], The Wilmington Journal, after the paper ran an editorial calling for due process.

Uh, “supporters of the indicted students”? Don’t you mean “some supporters of the indicted students”?

Heck, no: How else can you infer guilt by association to those squillions of people who realize that no rape occurred? (Everyone but Nancy Grace, we’d wager.) Pathetic, is it not?

Yet perhaps what’s most pathetic is how completely blind are the raving Communists at the People’s Weekly World. They could have used the district attorney’s heinous misconduct as proof that prosecutors trample on the rights of defendants. They could have argued that this DA was caught merely because the indicted Duke students had money to pay for good legal representation—poor folk wouldn’t be so lucky.

Ah, but no: The charming Commies just couldn’t think things through. Idiots of the world, unite!

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