December 21, 2006

Reiterating the Fact That Jimmy Carter Is an Idiot

Let’s not mince words here. Jimmy “Apartheid” Carter is a complete moron. Although we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” have penned many a “post” about this former President’s disastrous views on the Middle East, we seem never to say this enough.

And for good reason: Jimmy “Useful Idiot” Carter keeps on unfairly chastising Israel, even though he’s strangely ill informed on the subject. Frankly, dear reader, we find his incessant idiocy vexing. Perhaps it even rankles as much as his attempts at poetry. Nah, it isn’t that bad. But almost.

The latest in President Carter’s curious anti-Zionist ravings comes in the form of an op-ed published in the venerable Boston Globe. Titled “Reiterating the Keys to Peace,” this piece again demonstrates President Carter’s unparalleled obtuseness.

In essence, Carter is upset that his myopic jeremiad, menacingly titled Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, has earned some withering reviews. Gee: With a title as delicate as that, who would have thought the book would incite anger? Apparently not President Carter, the guy who was sufficiently bright to usher in a new word in English language dictionaries—stagflation.

As far as President Carter is concerned, critiques of his book have centered on ad hominem fluff. Well, well, well: This from the fellow who refused to debate Alan Dershowitz on the topic of the contemporary Middle East, obviously because he was scared he would be thoroughly schooled. For his efforts at promoting debate, Mr. Dershowitz was chastised as a know-nothing by President Carter—the same President Carter who never troubled himself to read Dershowitz’s books on the Middle East, presumably because he was too busy plagiarizing and distorting for his Apartheid screed.

As if this isn’t bad enough, President Carter’s stupid op-ed contains numerous examples of its author’s typical anti-Israel blather, presented as if it were unvarnished truth and incapable of criticism. You know the sort of thing we’re talking about: Unfair criticism of Israel’s security fence, which fails to note that it was constructed to block those charming Palestinian suicide bombers President Carter so esteems.

Wedded to this is Carter’s bizarre faith in Muslim yearnings for peace. Take this wondrous example:

An overwhelming majority of citizens of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine want peace, with justice for all who live in the Holy Land.

With all due respect to President Clinton: What the heck is this guy smoking? The “overwhelming majority” of Palestinians want peace? Uh, those would be the same folks who “overwhelmingly” elected Hamas as its official governing party. Perhaps President Carter would care to trouble himself to read Hamas’ charter. We think he’ll find it none too excited about peace.

Do us all a favor, President Carter, and shut up. Your anti-Israel fixation—unmoored as it is from evidence—is beginning to make us wonder about your motives.

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