August 23, 2006

Doing Our Part for the Peoples on the Internets

As you may recognize, this humble “weblog” has a somewhat different format from most. Other than the fact that we don’t publish pornography. Unlike, say, the Internet’s famed Instapundit, we tend to “post” an essay a day, rather than offer oodles of “links.”

Frankly, dear reader, we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” like this arrangement. It allows us to pontificate at some length on topics, instead of composing “posts” whose full text reads “Heh.” To each his own.

There are, however, distinct shortcomings to our e-arrangement. Our focus on an essay every weekday typically leaves us unable to make manifold references to other “webloggers” on Al Gore’s storied World-Wide Web. As such, whilst other people occasionally “link” to our work, we seldom have the opportunity to return the favor.

Accordingly, every once in a while (read: Once a year), we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” like to compose a “post” that offers details regarding some of the “weblogs” we particularly fancy. And, in case you are preternaturally slow, let us inform you that today is the day we’re going to do that. (Gee, we really thought that would have been obvious by now. Huh. Go figure.)

Now, before we present our truncated list of some good, wholesome “weblogs,” we need to proffer a few significant caveats. First, we decided against fawning over our typical list of favorites: The Llamabutchers, Naked Villainy, the Jacksons, Agent Bedhead, &c. For good reason: We believe that everyone who reads our humble “weblog” already reads these “websites.” And loves them, of course.

In addition, we must stress that our list is in no way comprehensive. Perhaps we’ll add another installment of our list in a future “post,” as a means to prove that our “weblogging” loves are not exhausted by today’s mentions.

Okay, okay, okay—enough hand-wringing. Bring on the “weblogs.”

A List of Darn Good “Weblogs” Outside the Beaten Path

1) Wizblog: Penned by one Dan Wismar, Wizblog routinely offers “links” to interesting articles and stories, with a particular focus, it seems, on the United Nations. If you haven’t seen “links” to any juicy pieces lately, check out Wizblog.

2) Muslihoon: Critical elaboration on the War on Terrorism from a conservative-leaning Muslim? How could you resist this? Muslihoon features some in-depth discussions from an intriguing perspective.

3) Pillage Idiot: A grab-bag of Internet fun from Atilla, the proprietor of Pillage Idiot. Don’t worry: As his “weblog” informs you, he’s “not really a Hun” though he “play[s] one on TV.”

4) Andrew Cusack: A former intern at The New Criterion, Mr. Cusack features intermittent, longish “posts” and some dashingly handsome “web”-design.

5) The Joy of Curmudgeonry: A “weblog” with footnotes and the tag line “Unio Europaea delenda est”? It doesn’t get any better than that. Deogolwulf, the proprietor of this “website,” presents learned musings from across the pond.

6) Feisty Republican Whore: With some “weblogs” the title says it all. A delightful mix of humorous conservative rants and libertinage.

7) A Sweet Familiar Dissonance: From Lynn Sislo, the culture queen of the World-Wide Web. Take a break from your partisan muckraking and savor her “posts.”

Well, dear reader, we think these are some dandy “websites.” But there are plenty of others. As we said, in a future “post,” we’ll mention some more. Perhaps we’ll pay tribute to a bevy of real heavy hitters, as if Charles Johnson is going to give a darn that we recommend Little Green Footballs.

For now, enjoy.

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