June 16, 2006

A Light Friday “Post”

We, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” are offering up this, our official Friday “post,” a bit early. If you are taking a gander at these words and it’s still Thursday, now you know why. On the other hand, if you aren’t reading this until Friday, you’ve essentially wasted your time by examining this first paragraph. Sucker.

So, you may (or, more likely, may not) be wondering what the deal is. Why are we “posting” early? Normally, we’re like clockwork: Soon as night follows day, the crack young staff “posts” five times weekly. In fact, we’re so regular that we like to think of ourselves as the Metamucil of the Internet.

Well, there’s a reason for our atypical un-timeliness. This weekend we’re enjoying something of a treat. Our deep-pocketed financial backers have deigned to send us on a little family retreat, which should allow us to take in some e-barbeque with our e-families at the local e-park.

As we said, it’s a family affair, and you can bet your bottom that we’ll be savoring all sorts of Family Values fun: Laffer curve sack races; Mr. Potatoe Head with Dan Quayle; &c. A good time will be had by all.

Unfortunately for you, dear reader, this leaves you without a Friday “post” offering up-to-date e-commentary on the latest world news. You know, like the fact that Wham! broke up. (Oh, and it turns out that George Michael is a real flamer. Who would have seen that coming? We suppose that “Choose Life” T-shirt he sported didn’t mean that he’s a card-carrying Christian fundamentalist. Maybe he just likes Life cereal?)

No, instead of our au courant ruminations, you are left with this admittedly sub-par “post” devoted to admittedly sub-par logistical matters. Not good, not good indeed.

So how can we make it up to you? Well, how about informing you that our usual Sunday Wizbang essay can already be examined here?

Yeah, we know; it ain’t Sunday yet. But, as we just informed you, we’ll be busy stuffing our faces with Jewish Lobby kosher hotdogs this weekend, and we can’t be troubled to wait for the Muses to inspire.

Accordingly, dear reader, we recommend that you head on over to Wizbang and delight in our typical sagacity. And we’ll catch up with you on Monday. Perhaps we’ll even let you know who won the kayaking.

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