May 30, 2006

Another Friendly E-Mail

As you might well expect, dear reader, this humble “website” has myriad fans. Accordingly, we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” receive a variety of delightful e-missives from all kinds of e-boosters.

Why, just recently, for example, we happened upon a particularly cheery e-epistle in the old in-box, which came with the subject line: “Who cares what you think.” As you might imagine, we were filled with joy to get such a letter—naturally, if this fellow doesn’t care what we think, we sure care a whole heck of a lot about his cogitations.

Below we have affixed the entire contents of this e-mail, which was sent from the e-address

Stumbled upon your lame blog by accident whilst searching for a site to give praise and thanks to Jean Sara Rohe. Just wanted to let you know that JEAN SARA ROHE ROCKS!! Not going to engage in argument with you. Why, because I don't value you nor your opinions. Btw: Always knew you people are "hate mongers".

[Turning my back on you]

Of all the varieties of virtues, liberalism is the most beloved. ----Aristotle

Yep, that’s the entire contents of this charming missive. As those of you who keep up with our humble ‘weblog” religiously well know, it pertains to our demolition of the doofus Jean Sara Rohe. Clearly, the letter was sent by a complete boob, and we hardly know where to begin. (Incidentally, we assume that a male male composed it, although we’ve been incorrect about such a supposition before.)

Perhaps we most savored the quotation from Aristotle. As it lacks a specific textual reference, we couldn’t track down the Greek and piece together an adequate translation. Even so, the nincompoop who sent us this epistle doesn’t appear to realize that liberalism in the contemporary Democratic Party sense is not what Mr. Aristotle likely had in mind. It turns out that he actually antedates today’s US liberals by some time.

We must also say that we found it hilarious that this fellow seems to have desired to get in a cheap shot at us, but then informs us that he doesn’t want us to reply. Ah, yes: How much nicer it is to argue with someone when you can stop the argument whenever you want.

Further, may we humbly suggest that this petulant dope does “value our opinions”? If he did not, we think he wouldn’t have troubled himself to respond our “post.”

But let us not engage in a moronic tit-for-tat with this knuckle-dragging imbecile. In regard to the pathetic Jean Sara Rohe, there isn’t much to argue.

We think it’s in bad manners to excoriate a graduation speaker—any graduation speaker—in front of his face and a large audience. We think it is classless to do so. There are plenty of other forums through which one may show disagreement, and this isn’t an appropriate one. We also believe that Jean Sara Rohe, by speaking to a crowd overwhelmingly in favor of her opinions, did not demonstrate courage; rather, she is an ill-mannered ass.

The author of this e-missive disagrees. Presumably, he would favor student speakers who ripped into all kinds of left-wing graduation speakers. If not, of course, he is a hypocrite. Which, naturally, is quite a charge, in addition to being a barely-literate ass.

But, hey: We have to hand it to him. He thinks that the ill-mannered Jean Sara Rohe is a hero, and he himself is ill-mannered. So we have to give him points for consistency there.

So, in the spirit of warmth that is “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” let us simply say that we value And we don’t turn our backs on him, either. Moreover, we value his opinions. Clearly, it has taken nanoseconds of education to fire off this dimwitted e-epistle, and that alone ought to invite our attention.

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