January 06, 2006

Calling All Feminists

As everyone in the tolerant, civilized West knows, nothing smacks of intolerance and incivility quite like judging other cultures. Admittedly, devotees of the cult of multiculturalism don’t believe that militant jihadis are guilty of the grave sin of judgmentalism—after all, how could a Westerner say such a thing? But anyone from these here United States who lets fly a negative estimation of another culture has surely committed a crime worse than armed robbery.

And our pals, the “diversity” cultists, have a point: Who’s to say that forced marriages, brutal beatings, de facto lifelong prison terms inside the house, burqas, and grave threats of violence to those who transgress brutal societal norms are bad? If you ask many of our friends on the political Left, the answer is: Not them.

The above, naturally, are some of the wonderful aspects of Muslim culture, and, to our lefty comrades, they are as beautiful as apple pie, habeas corpus, and the First Amendment. Whilst Muslims flock to the West en masse, multiculturalists still cling to their enlightened beliefs.

As Peter Schneider’s recent article in a recent number of The New York Times Magazine demonstrates, however, some Germans are beginning to have some unfortunate doubts about the virtue of the glories of multiculturalism. Mr. Schneider reports:

…the books of three Muslim dissidents now tell us what Germans like me didn’t care to know. What they report seems almost unbelievable. They describe an everyday life of oppression, isolation, imprisonment and brutal corporal punishment for Muslim women and girls in Germany, a situation for which there is only one word: slavery.

To which we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” ever sensitive to the views of our multiculti pals, reply: Hold on there, Herr Judgmentalism. Just because you Krauts don’t esteem honor killings doesn’t mean you can force your noxious “Western values” down the throats of these cheerful Muslims. Just because such Muslims came to your country in order to escape the pathological sewer that is the Muslim political world doesn’t mean that they have to live by your stringent laws.

If this kind of thinking strikes you as a tad retrograde, dear reader, we are happy to inform you that it is the mainstream view of our feminist friends. As Phyllis Chesler reports in her admirable—though flawed—book, The Death of Feminism, contemporary feminists are so enraptured by a malignant, foolish Third-Worldism that they refuse to stand up against real gender oppression.

To our feminist pals, Muslim women may have to endure regular violence and degrading treatment and fear for their lives, but that doesn’t mean things are so hunky dory for Western women. For instance, in the West, women’s jeans cost more than men’s jeans. What’s that all about?

And so, dear reader, our feminist pals have decided that their animus against the West is so potent that they will stand firm with the proponents of Sharia provided they are suitably opposed to George W. Bush. Pretty laudable, isn’t it? Why is it that so many American women don’t consider themselves feminists?

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