July 26, 2005

The ACLU v. Civilization Those

The ACLU v. Civilization

Those of our readers with a pulse are undoubtedly aware that the civilized world has recently experienced two separate terrorist attacks in London. In addition, they also likely realize that the un-civilized world has recently experienced a terrorist attack in Egypt. For people concerned about ridding the world of terrorists, governments must cogitate ways to defend their citizenries.

Apparently, dear reader, the good ole’ American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is not “concerned about ridding the world of terrorists.” As far as its members are concerned, the anti-homosexual strictures of the Boy Scouts are a far more pressing problem than the likes of Osama bin Laden.

Soon after the second London attack, the New York police department inaugurated a drive to search bags belonging to random commuters. Naturally, given the vicissitudes of political correctness, the police cannot employ so-called “racial profiling”; searches of octogenarian females must be as common as those of anyone who is far, far more likely to be a terrorist.

When you’re on the subway, you probably eye certain characters on board with greater suspicion due to a variety of their physical attributes. Yet the people in charge of our safety aren’t allowed to notice them. Makes a heck of a lot of sense, huh?

But even this nonsensically random checking of bags is too much for our friends in the ACLU—or, as we like to call them, al Qaeda’s lil’ helpers. If one so much as utters the word “safety,” the typical ACLU representative histrionically brays about Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and the great traditions of American liberty.

Now, let us overlook the fact that the ACLU, as we mentioned above, did not appear to be particularly concerned about the Boy Scouts’ freedom of assembly; its members blithely dropped their regard for “the great traditions of American liberty” in order to put those fearsome Cub Scouts in their place.

If the members of Hamas simply wore Brownie uniforms, perhaps the ACLU would defend America against them.

What really irks us about the ACLU is that it feels no need to assess the terrorist threat and come to reasonable conclusions. Rather, it is simply another branch of the Neville Chamberlain Society on the American Left.

And so, dear reader, when our civilization weathers further attacks and finally capitulates to Islamic rule, we can thank our friends at the ACLU for having such earnest regard for American liberty that they helped usher in its demise. Perhaps the only bit of glee we shall get from this horrid situation is watching ACLU members forced to don burqas. We wonder how they’ll take to the great traditions of Islamic sharia.

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